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We are excited to present PJSC Gazprom (OTC: OGZPY).

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Christmas In March For Gazprom
Less than two weeks ago I wrote an article about the European deep freeze that arrived in late February, making it unusually cold for the continent just as winter was supposed to be ending. At the end of winter natural gas storage facilities tend to be depleted, so Europe started importing n...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 21 2018 14:11
Putin Re-Elected, UK Poisoning, Sanctions, Mueller: Geopolitics Likely To Weigh Down Russia
On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected to his fourth term as President of the Russian Federation, with his new term extending his Presidency to 2024. The election results and the irregularities surrounding them, as well as international reaction, are worth considering...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 19 2018 14:47
Reuters: Gazprom to cut hundreds of traders as Russia retreats from West
Russia's Gazprom ( OTCPK:OGZPY ) will cut hundreds of jobs at its overseas trading and export offices and move them to St. Petersburg, Reuters reports. More news on: PJSC Gazprom ADR, Energy stocks news, Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 14 2018 16:47
Europe's Late Winter Deep Freeze Makes Further Gazprom Pipeline Obstruction Very Unlikely
It was just four years ago that relations between the EU and Russia were seemingly entering a period of irreconcilable differences as the crisis in Ukraine was escalating. There were sanctions, and counter-sanctions. The South Stream pipeline was obstructed in 2014 by the EU, which leaned on i...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 07 2018 08:36
Wall Street Breakfast: Trade War On The Horizon?
President Trump kept up pressure on trading partners over the weekend, threatening European automakers with a tax on imports if the EU retaliates against his plan to slap tariffs on metal imports. Canada, the biggest supplier of steel and aluminum to the U.S., also said it would re...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 05 2018 07:00
Russia ends deals to send gas to Ukraine, says supplies to Europe OK for now
Russia's Gazprom ( OTCPK:OGZPY ) says it will cancel its contracts to supply Ukraine with natural gas after a Stockholm arbitration court ordered it to pay more than $2.5B to Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz. More news on: PJSC Gazprom ADR, Energy stocks news, Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 03 2018 23:15
PJSC Gazprom ADR 2017 Q4 - Results - Earnings Call Slides
The following slide deck was published by PJSC Gazprom ADR in conjunction with their 2017 Q4 earnings Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 01 2018 14:23
Gazprom warns Europe of gas shortage without more Russian imports
Gazprom ( OTCPK:OGZPY ) warns Europe will face a gas shortage and higher prices as soon as the next decade if it does not decide quickly to increase imports from Russia, saying gas purchases from the U.S. or Qatar would fail to match demand. More news on: PJSC Gazprom ADR, Energy stocks ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: February, 09 2018 10:55
Poland asks for U.S. sanctions to cover Nord Stream 2
Poland Prime Minister Morawiecki says he wants the U.S. to impose sanctions on Gazprom's ( OTCPK:OGZPY ) planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. More news on: PJSC Gazprom ADR, Energy stocks news, Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: January, 29 2018 10:59
Gazprom says permit granted for TurkStream pipeline
Gazprom ( OTCPK:OGZPY ) says it received a construction permit from Turkey's government for construction of a second section of the TurkStream gas pipeline's offshore section. More news on: PJSC Gazprom ADR, Energy stocks news, Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: January, 23 2018 14:48


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About PJSC Gazprom (OTC: OGZPY)

Logo for PJSC Gazprom (OTC: OGZPY)

Gazprom extracts, transports, stores and sells natural gas. The company is the successor to the State owned company. Gazprom owns and operates Russia s Unified Gas Supply System. The company has a monopoly in supplying gas in the Russian Federation, and exports natural gas to Western Europe.


Contact Information



Current Management

  • Oxana Yu Bestoujeva / General Director
  • Petr Rodionov / Deputy Chairman
  • Maxim Oirakh / Executive Director
  • Andrey Orlov / Deputy Head of Capital Markets
  • Elena A. Vasilieva / Chief Accounting Officer
  • Andrey Baranov / IR
  • Dmitri A. Medvedev / Chairman

Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $58,118,467,050 - 03/09/2018
  • Issue and Outstanding: 23,673,510,000 - 12/31/2010


Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: OGZPY)

Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: OGZPY)

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