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We are excited to present American Environmental Energy, Inc. (OTC: AEEI).

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About American Environmental Energy, Inc. (OTC: AEEI)

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AEEI is a renewable energy portfolio development company which concentrates on power and bio fuel generation, acquisition of strategic equity in key disruptive technologies which solve project centric needs for pricing, delivery, and a longer view towards distribution and lastly the leveraging of carbon/emissions markets. lt br / gt lt br / gt AEEI principally participates in project risk equity and creates a valued added layer solving for market inefficiencies between the project entrepreneur which exists in varied stages of need/readiness and sophisticated financing sources operating within their own hierarchy of needs dealing with mandates, regulations, expectations, and requirements. lt br / gt lt br / gt AEEI differs greatly from brokers in the green project financing world who typically only participate in various pieces of the capital stack and do not have the long term vision. Our approach vertically integrates the skill sets necessary to encompass the full project lifecycle of cradle to grave. We actively participate worldwide to source, evaluate, qualify, package, finance, and manage renewable portfolio opportunities from which we then add an additional layer of support systems and services to ensure transparency and success. lt br / gt lt br / gt AEEI both advocates and pursues the concept of distributed generation and renewable energy parks. More specifically, AEEI is pursuing the aggregation of technologies to transform landfills into Eco Waste Energy Parks to provide power and a cleaner self sustaining environment.


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Current Management

  • John Montague / President, Principal Executive Officer, Principal Fin. Officer
  • Steven Byle / Chairman
  • John Montague /

Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $1,938,266 - 03/19/2018
  • Authorized: 150,000,000 - 09/08/2008
  • Issue and Outstanding: 35,893,809 - 12/31/2009
  • Float: 5,000,000 - 09/08/2008


Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: AEEI)

Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: AEEI)

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