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We are excited to present Biogaia AB (OTC: BIOGY).

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Recent News from (OTC: BIOGY)

Biogaia AB ADR 2018 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call Slides
The following slide deck was published by Biogaia AB ADR in conjunction with their 2018 Q1 earnings Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: April, 26 2018 13:52
BioGaia AB - Year-end report 2017
STOCKHOLM , Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Comments from the Managing Director:  "2017 was yet another successful year for BioGaia. With growth of 15%, we were able to boost our sales by SEK 80 million and achieve an annual turnover of SEK 615 million . We have thus continued ou...
Source: PR Newswire
Date: February, 08 2018 02:15
Big Pharma Rules 'Safer' Dividend Healthcare Top Gains Per Broker Targets To January
Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Brokers Calculated Top Ten Healthcare "Safer" Dividend Stocks to Net 1.64% to 13.34% Gains To January, 2019 Four of ten top 'safer' dividend Healthcare dogs by yield (shaded in the chart above) were verified as being among the top ten gainers for the coming y...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: January, 28 2018 13:13
T-Rail Positions For 2018
A year ago, I outlined how I had put my portfolio on autopilot . In this follow up we will focus on the guy on the passenger seat and learn how to keep him in check. We will also look at results; the autopilot is following my script after all. Below I will X-ray my current portfolio ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: December, 25 2016 23:59
Books will close today March 24th, 2016.
Books will close today March 24th, 2016.
Source: OTC Markets
Date: March, 24 2016 00:00


About Biogaia AB (OTC: BIOGY)

Logo for Biogaia AB (OTC: BIOGY)

BioGaia is a health care company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products with documented health benefits.


Contact Information



Current Management

  • Peter Rothschild / CEO
  • Margareta Hagman / IR

Current Share Structure


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    Filing to become effective immediately upon filing
    Filing Type: F-6EFFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: June, 30 2017



    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: BIOGY)

    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: BIOGY)

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